Call of the Selkie


If this was my home. there would be food in the eating place, drink in the drinking place and stories, songs and music by the hearth, for that is the 'rune of hospitality' and the old Scottish way. As a native Scot whose not long dead ancestors hailed from the small islands. These ways, along with folk lore, customs and cunning ways have always been the fire in my blood. 

There is something inside me, a connection to  not only the blessed land, sea and sky of my birth, but a calling of the selkie. It is hard to find words to say what this means. In essence, it is a longing to leave my human skin on some sandy shore and swim gracefully in the cold blue sea. To be a shapeshifter, one of the seal folk, a creature of legend that inhabits the world of mankind and myth. This is something that runs deeper than any ocean. Truer than any love. It sings to my mythic heart. It is the wildness inside my soul.

Hence, I will try to offer nourishment in the form of small workshop gatherings, where those that also hear the calling be that ancestral, myth, or magic. Can come and learn about some of the old ways, work with lore and legend and become their own wise woman or man.  I will also offer stories, poems and artwork to honour the rune of hospitality and my ancestors. 


"We would like to thank you for the magical Midsummer Firewalk along with your hospitality. It was a wonderful experience and so wish we could do this again. The guided journey you took us on to meet the stag, fairy queen, ancestors and the fire spirit was mind blowing and an overwhelming experience of joy and love". (Charity Fundraisers)