Call of the Selkie



As a small child I​ had a strong connection with spirits that were once human, animal and the nature spirits of this ancient Scottish land I am blessed to live upon. I was born with the second sight and it is true what some say, in that it is both a curse and a blessing. For you cannot choose what you are shown when the dead talk to you, or dance with you in the dream-time. This does not make me special, just a bit different. It is also true that those who are chosen by the spirits, do not have an easy time walking on the land. It took me many years to become accustomed to seeing in the dark and navigate the other-worlds. However, I have learnt as I have followed the path of the wise woman and believe that I have a greater understanding for all life's teachings.


Over the years I have studied many healing modalities to practitioner and teacher level. I have always hated labels but understand the need for them, so in relation to the otherworldly work I do I am a Shamanic/Animistic/Folk-Magic Practitioner and Teacher who has a deep love for my ancestral Scottish ways of old. I learnt my craft from the spirits, from my own experiences and from some great human teachers along the way. I trained in crosscultural shamanism to teacher level with the amazing Sandra Ingerman. 


Shaman and wise women of old all worked for the benefit of their communities.  I unknowingly followed in this tradition and began this part of my journey at the tender age of 16. I have a BA Degree in Community Education and other related qualifications.  My belief in the power of informal education impacts my healing work, as I try to pass on wisdom to others, so they learn how to heal themselves. I also have an Award in Leadership and Management and extensive experience in project management and development.



 I am on the directory of professional storytellers at the Scottish Storytelling Centre and like to combine my shamanic practice with storytelling, so I will often tell short stories in my workshops. I also write short stories and what I like to call 'musings' as what I write often takes no particular form. I have started on my first book that aims to pay homage to my love of the seal folk and plan to start my MA in creative writing soon. You can read more about this work on


I am a self-taught artist and crafter, who has used a variety of creative mediums over the years. I believe art is not about the finished work, it is about the experience of creating and the power that it contains. I make all my own sacred tools from a range of natural materials. The act of creation connects us to something deep within the human psyche and gives the soul voice.  I am currently working on a series of illustrations to accompany my short stories. You can see some of my work in the gallery page.


"Rowan is a fountain of knowledge and this is evident in her teaching, she is authentic in all she does" (Isobel Addison)