Call of the Selkie


According to The Oxford Dictionary of Celtic Mythology the CRANE BAG is a celebrated bag of Irish tradition that contained many treasures. The story is that Aífe is transformed into a crane by a jealous rival, luchra; she subsequently spends 200 years in the household of Manannán mac Lir. When she dies, he uses her skin to hold things precious to him. These included his knife and shirt, the king of Scotland's shears, the king of Lochlainn's helmet, the bones of Assal's swine, and the girdle of the great whale's back. At high tide the treasures are visible in the sea, but at ebb tide they vanish. Many believe that the bag contained the letters of the ogham alphabet. It is said to have had many owners, including the great Fionn mac Cumhaill. 

Many folk healers like myself have a crane bag of sorts. I made mine from Harris Tweed. I cannot show you what I have in it, for its treasures have been charmed. However, the pictures below show some of the magical items I have made.


"The Shamanic Workshop was uplifting and tribal. I want to do all Rowans courses, I just love the singing of the drums, it has been a great learning experience". (Margaret Bain)