Call of the Selkie


I have loved tarot from both an artistic and mystical perspective for over 30 years. Its symbols talk to the intuition in the language of metaphor. In essence it is a divination system that consists of a set of 78 cards that are used to gain a greater psychological understanding of the self in relation to the major and minor issues that are experienced in life. We can work with the Tarot to not only gain wisdom and a deeper understanding of ourselves but can use the gift of wisdom to change the shape and flow of our lives in a more positive direction.

I have a diploma in tarot reading and developed a style of reading that aims to provide a comprehensive insight into the key elements surrounding the issues that are currently impacting on a person’s life. It is a participatory style of reading that clarifies ways of being, that are both helping and hindering any given situation.

I work with a range of tarot decks and also offer tarot readings for any issues  and decision-making. The aim of a reading is to help you gain new perspectives and a greater awareness about yourself in relation to your situation, so you can move forward in life.


In addition to the tarot I sometimes cast the Elder Futhark Runes to bring more depth to the reading. These runes are the oldest of the runic alphabets (1st Century AD). Although their inscriptions were traditionally used as a system of writing, they also have an ancient history of magical use. They can often be found on amulets and are still used for divination. It was said that Odin was gifted the runes in exchange for his sacrifice of hanging wounded for seven days and nights from the great tree Yggdrasil.

The Elder Futhark consists of 24 runes, often arranged in three sets of 8 (Aetts): The First aett is Freyr’s Aett. The second aett is Hagal’s Aett and the third aett is Tyr’s Aett. In a reading the runes are cast (thrown) and read depending on what position they fall on a reading cloth. 


A tarot and rune reading normally lasts for 1 hour and costs £30.00. This can be done without being present if this is more convenient.


The reading is not intended to advise you what to do. Divination can offer deeper insight into aspects surrounding the issue and can show you the probable outcome of energy patterns you have currently put into place. However, you have free will and choice and the ability to change these outcomes. 


"I felt emotional for a couple of days after the extraction session but when this past, I felt a big shift in my emotions and was aware that I was not only feeling much more positive but that I felt physically lighter. I can now look in the mirror and say I love myself, so thank you!" (M M)