Call of the Selkie


As a creature of the sea I have always been affected by the great grandmother in the sky. Moon worship is both an ancient spiritual and practical practice that was used by almost all cultures. The ancients used the cycles of the moon to mark time (29 days in a lunar month) and were aware of the powerful pull of the moon on the sea (causing 2 high tides a day) and its effect on sea life. They were much more connected to the world around them, so they were aware of the waxing and waning phases of the moon and its effects on the behaviour of animals and birds. They planted during certain the phases of the moon to yield healthier crops and they also used the moon to accurately predict the weather. 

The moon is mainly considered to be feminine in nature and is often symbolised as a triple moon. This is due to the direct connection to the moon and the menstrual cycles of women. The 'maiden moon' and the monthly menstrual cycle - the 'mother moon' and the human gestation cycle - the 'moon crone' and the waning/ending of menstruation. It is believed by many that the moon also has an influence on human emotions and behaviours, which are said to become more intense during a full moon. 

There are many moon myths, it would be hard to pick a favourite but most highlight the mystery that is associated with the lunar light of the grandmother in the sky. The leaders of the early church tried in vain to eliminate moon worship by making people afraid of the moon. Many misguided superstitions still prevail but for most the moon retains her magical appeal and is without a doubt a very powerful energy to work with to enhance spiritual enlightenment and understand our watery emotional being. 

DRYAD (tree spirit) MOONS 

At Samhain I will once more be running the Moon Gathering. This year we will be working with a Celtic tree calendar. There is much controversy about this, as some believe it has links to the Celtic druids, some believe this system was created before the time of the druids and some believe it was an invention of the scholar Robert Graves. There is also little agreement in relation to which tree corresponds to which month. There is little doubt trees were sacred to the ancients, on a practical level their wood provided shelter and heat and their fruits, leaves and flowers provided nourishment and medicine. On a mystical level they recognised that the trees were living beings and home to the hidden ones. They planted sacred groves to use as meeting places and places of worship. Often a single sacred tree, was planted in the village to watch over both the living and the dead. Yew trees were often planted by graveyards, as it was believed that the knowledge of the dead, would pass to the Yew, so wisdom would never be lost. 

Just as the ancients used the moon to mark time, they also used the seasons and cycles of earth, which meant they could tell time by looking at the trees. I  believe that humanity can be so busy arguing about facts, that they fail to see the magic all around them. Undoubtedly trees are some of the most powerful elder spirits in this ancient land of Alba, so this year we will delve into the magical world of the Dryad. 

As a storyteller, I have used tree folklore to connect a sacred tree to each moon of the year and will share a tree story and its associated folklore at each of the moon gatherings. Will we journey with the help of the frame drum to the spirit of the trees for guidance, as we move around the wheel of the year. In addition I will also bring along Tree Spirit Essences, so everyone gets a bottle to take away each month, by the end of the year, you will have a set of natural tree remedies that you can use for your own healing. 

To get the most out of the monthly gatherings, you should commit to working with the spirit of the tree we are working with each month. How you do this is up to you but this individual work will be your path-workings, which you can share with the group each month. I look forward to hearing about what you discover about yourself, as you work with the magic of the dryads.


Yew Moon - January

Rowan Moon - February

Willow Moon - March

Silver Birch Moon - April

Hawthorn Moon - May

Ash Moon - June

Oak Moon - July

Hazel Moon - August

Apple Moon - September

Alder Moon - October

Elder Moon - November

Holly Moon - December


7:00pm - 9:00pm

This wee gathering will take place on the Friday that mostly falls before the full-moon.


Somewhere near my current home in the Kingdom o' Fife. Please call 07951789763 for details.


£10.00 for a 2 hour session, which is payable on the night. Please call to note your interest and book your place.


"I loved learning about the different drumbeats and the 3 worlds. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and would like to do another course with Rowan in the future". (Karen Wright)