Call of the Selkie


 In an effort to understand my own spiritual experiences I trained in core shamanism. This is the study of the elements that are core to most traditional shamanic practices. However, there is evidence that Scotland, like most other countries had strong animistic traditions, so my personal practice is shaped by the beliefs and practices of my blood ancestors (Scots and Norse) and the wise women of old. Like the title of shaman, you cannot call yourself a wise woman, it is something that you are called by the community you serve. I perform the types of healing that are listed below.


Ceremony and Ritual are as old as humankind and are common in all cultures. In the west they are mostly used to celebrate and mark important life events like birth, marriage or death but they can also be performed for numerous other reasons. Ceremony is traditionally used to mark the rites of passage, such as moving from childhood to adolescence, or from adolescence to adulthood. They are used to bring communities together in celebration. Ritual can be used for females to mark the sacred beginning and end of menstruation. A ceremony could be held to honour mother earth, the elements, the sacred directions and the ancestors. Ceremony may be used to cleanse and bless a house or consecrate the land. I often use them in sessions to support the release of unhealthy thoughts, behaviours, or relationships and they play an important part in welcoming a soul part home. By creating ceremony and ritual we deepen our connection to all living creatures and our authentic self. 


Spirits that have not crossed over are sometimes known as suffering beings. These are generally people whose own experience at the time of death has become compromised in such a way that they did not successfully make their journey to the otherworld. They have become earthbound and may not know they are even dead. These discarnate dead are attracted to the divine light that exists within all living creatures, which means that someone who has experienced soul loss can be susceptible to 'spirit attachment' due to the energetic vacuum that soul loss creates. These hungry ghosts can influence their host in a variety of ways. Illness, depression, substance abuse, phobias, emotional problems, suicidal tendencies and other issues may be in part due to the influence or overshadowing of beings that have attached to the living.  If appropriate, I guide these suffering beings into the light, so they can be at peace and the client can return to a state of wholeness. A Power, or Soul Retrieval is always carried out after the spirit has crossed over to fill the energetic vacuum within the client. 


Most people dismiss the old belief in the power of curses, as the terminology belongs to a forgotten time but despite this dismissal the practice of self loathing and wishing harm to others is probably more alive than it ever was. The loss of these old beliefs also means a loss of the ability to prevent and remove them. There are various types of curses. Most commonly there are those that are unintended (not deliberate). Words and thoughts have power and when these are fuelled by strong emotions we can unintentionally 'curse' not only others but also ourselves. These thought forms create beliefs that limit our life and cause energetic imbalance. It is important in unravelling these self-inflicted curses that we understand the power of thoughts and words and their ability to manifest both positive and negative life experiences. There are also curses that are intended and untended (created and originally sent to cause harm but not maintained by power). These types of curses are mostly fuelled by the recipients fear, which in turn gives power to the original energetic intention to cause harm. Awareness and the elimination of fear are first steps in taking back our power to prevent this type of curse having any power over the person it was originally intended to harm. There are also curses that are intended and tended (created deliberately to cause harm and maintained by continual power), which are VERY rare in our culture due to the amount of knowledge and power it takes to fuel this type of curse. However, it is possible that these types of curses can become ancestral curses that are passed down through the generations. If this is the case, I track down the source of its power, so it can no longer cause harm. After the work is complete I recommend different types of spiritual cleansing that the client can do to ensure they are protected from this kind of psychic attack in the future.


This is the removal of displaced energy that is stuck in the physical body. This type of energetic block is sometimes called an intrusion. It is believed that this type of energy may cause illness if it is not removed. This can happen for various reasons including prolonged periods of mental and emotional stress and energy from negative thought forms, such as anger and bitterness that have taken root in the physical body. Because this work can involve the removal of illness from the body it is carried out while in a trance state of being, to prevent any illness transferring to my body in the process. After the intrusion is removed it is placed in a bowl of holy water before it is returned to the earth. Healing essence is then blow into the body to fill the void that the removal of the intrusion has created. It is highly recommended that a client has a follow-up Soul Retrieval after the extraction to help return them to a state of spiritual wellness. 


Many who practice animism and shamanism believe that each person has a spirit animal who watches over them to keep them safe from harm and support their spiritual growth (similar to the Christian belief in guardian angels). It is also believed that if someone is disconnected to their animal spirit, they can experience power loss and its associated symptoms such as depression and misfortune. I was taught to by my human teachers how to bring back the lost essence for the client BUT I prefer to drum and hold sacred space for those that wish to journey for themselves to meet their spirit animal and reclaim their own personal power. I believe this is a more empowering process, as the client experiences this via direct revelation and as such it can have a positive impact on all aspects of their life. 


The birthing of souls into the afterlife is sacred work. References to this practice are found in many forms in all cultures of the world. Spirits become earthbound for many reasons, and can include people who have died violently, or sudden death victims, those that have committed suicide, or those that were unprepared for death, those that are stuck due to unfinished business and kept here due to strong family connections. Some spirits are lost, confused and do not know they are dead, so they attempt to continue with their once human existence instead of crossing over. When this happens they can become hungry ghosts, or the unquiet dead and can attach to objects, places, or people and can feed of the energy of the living. When I perform death walking it is my role to help the deceased find their way back to their creator, ancestors and loved ones who are already dead. There is no one way to do this but I often sing a lament for the dead and keen for their loss, as many refuse to pass due to not been given proper funerary rites.


As I mentioned above in addition to attaching to the living, the dead can attach to places and can often be found in the place they died, or in a place they had strong attachments to when they were living (classic haunting). But places can also hold the energetic imprint of everything that happens within that environment and this includes the full range of negative human emotions like anger, grief, guilt and sadness. Therefore the spiritual cleansing of a space is just as important as the physical cleansing of a space. There are various steps to cleansing a house. First of all the client has to remove clutter and clean the house before the ceremony can take place. Then an alter with various sacred items is laid in the room that is most affected. I connect to find out if there is a lost spirit attached to the house that needs to cross over. If this is the case I will perform a ceremony to cross the suffering soul over to the afterlife. If there is no unquiet dead, I will carry out a simple cleansing to remove energetic imprints that are attached to the place. The cleansing is usually finished with the offering of prayers of protection and laying of sacred herbs. Please note: I do not permit children, or animals to be present during a cleansing.


Soul loss is similar to the psychological concept of disassociation. Some of the symptoms that indicate soul loss include depression, a feeling that something is missing from your life, an inability to move forward, lost memories and feeling like you’re not in control. Soul loss can happen for various reasons including abuse, grief, shock, trauma and can even happen if someone unconsciously gives their soul away, which is common in unhealthy relationships. In addition to losing vital essence due to trauma and soul giving, souls can also be stolen. People are often surprised to learn that they have unconsciously taken the souls of others. When I perform a soul retrieval I track and bring the lost soul part and any spirit gifts back to the client, which are then blown into their heart and head. This is a very powerful healing that can give a deep sense of wholeness and connection, as it enables people to be more present and engage fully with life. I often carry out an 'extraction' before I do the soul retrieval, as energetic intrusions can often fill the void of lost soul essence. 


In addition to the soul retrieval that is carried out on the first session. It is advised that the client also has an integration session a week, or so later. During this session I work with the client to support the integration of their returned soul part. This session is usually done out in nature and is an important part of welcoming the soul home. 


This session focuses on the soul parts that have been consciously or unconsciously giving or taken. I will support the client in this process and help them to carry out a ritual to release this type of energy and break unhealthy behaviours and cycles. This session is also usually done out in nature. The letting go of what doesn't belong brings an enormous sense of release from old wounds. It is also very empowering to break free from old habits that no longer serve, so you can finally liberate yourself.


People who have experienced soul loss can also struggle with remembering their souls purpose, as this can be forgotten due to trauma, or the effect of soul splintering (when someone has been subjected to long-term and recurrent soul loss). This session is the final piece of the puzzle that some people can search their whole life for and never find. It is a joyful reunion to remember your souls purpose.


In many ancient cultures death was considered a sacred rite of passage that was marked by ceremony and celebration. Today death is something that is commonly feared and rarely spoken about with most people dying in clinical environments that do not care for the sacred transition of the soul or support its crossing over. People often have no say about what will happen at the end of their life, or what will happen to their physical body after they die. Death is one of the most important parts of life and it should be a loving and peaceful experience. I have had the honour of being present at this sacred time for family members. One of these deaths was profoundly peaceful, one was inhumane and another was profoundly undignified. These experiences have driven my studies of the dying process with the intention of supporting others so they can hopefully be involved in the planning of their therapeutic care at the end of life and can experience a good death. I believe the love and care we give at the end of life is just as important as the love and care that is given at the beginning of life. I do not charge for this service but will accept a donation and expenses if the client wishes to pay for this type of support. 

Soul-Guide Services include:

• Therapeutic and End of Life Planning

• Creating Sacred Space in the home or hospice

• Reiki for mental, emotional and physical pain-relief

• Plant Essences to support the transition

• Crystal Healing for the energetic body

• Sound Healing using percussion and voice

• Soul and Power Retrieval for spiritual empowerment

• Compassionate Meditation to support forgiveness

• Cord Cutting to help let-go of binding ties

• Vigiling to provide comfort in the final hours

• Psychopomp to guide the soul over

• Keening for the dead

• Ceremony to celebrate the persons life


I also work with Plant and Tree Essences that contain the energetic imprint (spirit) of some of Scotland's most magical plants and sacred trees. I do not charge extra for this and may recommend that you take a combination of plant spirit essences to support your healing.


These normally last between one to two hours. You must avoid alcohol and non-prescription drugs for at least 24 hours before a session. It is recommended that you do not return to work on the day you have your appointment, as it is important that you rest and honour yourself.


Sessions cost £50, which includes a bottle of plant spirit essences.


"Since the soul retrieval I was able to reduce my drinking and have now started alcohol counselling. I feel a deeper sense of self and am focusing on creating more loving nurturing relationships in my life. I am now able to treat myself, as I feel I do deserve to have good things in my life." (D B)